Chronic neck, back , arm, and leg pain are often caused by herniated or deteriorated spinal discs. Now there is a unique treatment protocol to correct the problem - without the risks of drugs, spinal injections or surgery.

What if there were a way to address all the underlying physical causes of spinal pain simultaneously?

Want to Avoid Spinal Surgery?

Avoid spinal surgery with Disc Revitalization™

Neither oral, nor injected medication will resolve the underlying cause of your back or neck pain. In fact, masking the pain can worsen the injury. Studies of the side-effects from long-term use of these medications have proven to be life-threatening.

The many risks of spinal surgery are well-known. Surgery involves cutting tissue, muscle, and bone. Metal appliances are sometimes inserted into the spine. The changes made are irreversible. Results are never guaranteed, and surgeons themselves will tell you that surgery is always the last option.

Disc Revitalization™ Protocol

Tissue Decongestion:

Ultrasonic therapy is performed initially. It creates cellular vibration in the soft tissue. This causes a deep heating effect that encourages a metabolic increase at the level of the tissue cells. Following that, a patient will receive an instrument-assisted soft tissue technique modified from Japanese Gua Sha. By utilizing this specifically designed instrument, clinicians can effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions immediately surrounding the spine. When an area is injured, spasm and lack of movement may limit delivery of fresh blood circulation. Introducing nutrient blood flow to the are via this technique promotes the evacuation of chronic inflammatory pain-producing chemicals from the area.

I had constant tingling in both arms and legs. I was taking 900mg of neurontin. These hands-on therapies were safer and much more effective. It changed my life and my outlook.
- Thomas E., Greentown

Disc Decompression:

Technical advances and extensive research in the area of axial spinal traction have developed into a process that is called "disc decompression". The computer driven machine is able to create a negative pressure within the disc. The process is said to "sneak up on the body" with an almost unperceivable traction force, pre-venting the reflexive muscle guarding experienced with traditional traction techniques. Glycoproteins within the disc begin to "re-imbibe" outlying fluid, so that the damaged outer layers of the disc are able to heal with replacement tissue. The resources or nutrient availability for that healing are provided by dietary supplementation and accelerated by laser therapy and improved blood circulation.

I was given the names of 3 surgeons by my MD…in a few short visits my disc problem was under control.
- Rev. Michael M., Scranton PA


An infrared laser is applied, deeply penetrating the chronically injured tissues casing a process called "photobiomodulation". A particular component of the cells, the mitochondria, absorb the light. This triggers an increased synthesis of collagen (replacement tissue) within the cells allowing tissue repair (healing rate) to be dramatically increased. Production of natural pain relieving chemicals (endorphins, enkephalins) are also significantly increased. This is an FDA cleared treatment modality: Class IIIa low level light therapy.

My neck was frozen for almost a year. I was beginning to think I would have to give up driving. I was told it was just severe arthritis. Vital Link’s techniques and persistence gave me back nearly full range of motion.
- William S., Madison Twp

Spinal Stabilization:

Chronic pain, and the lack of physical activity, commonly leads to muscle attrophy. Reactivation and strengthening of dormant, intrinsic protective muscles of the spine is vital. Restoration of the proper sequence of contraction via biofeedback training, spinal manipulation, and specific core exercises are necessary to prevent re-injury of disc following the program

I would wake up in the middle of the night and wanted to scream in pain. The disc therapy ended all that almost immediately.
- David M., Bear Creek

Highest Quality, Pharmaceutical Grade

Dietary Supplementation:

During the entire process of revitalization, your body requires specific nutritional components that are not normally provided by the average American diet. The revitalization pack is formulated to meet those needs during treatment, and shorten overall recovery time. The "Disc Revitalization Pack" includes an original and unduplicated formulation of natural anti-inflammatory and healing vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and herbs.

I was bed-ridden for over two years with a bad back. Now I lift thousands of pound per week and cut eight cords of wood this year.
- Lew S., Pittston

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